SMME Case Study

Below Are A Few Examples Of Some Of Our Clients SEO Performance:

Client 1:

Client Who Wanted To Dominate The Pool Cover Industry


  • there were 10 rankings (6 keywords) ranked in position no.1 across two search engines.
  • 15 rankings (9 keywords) were ranked in the Top 3 positions across 2 search engines.
  • 18 rankings (9 keywords) were ranked on the first page (Top 10 positions) across 2 search engines

Client 2:

National Political Party Who Wanted To Dominate Their Digital Footprint


  • A total of 11 keywords were ranked in position no1 across 7 major search engines
  • 13 keywords ranked in the Top 3 positions across 7 search engines
  • 15 keywords were ranked in the Top 10 positions (first page rankings) across 7 search engines


  • The above shows the actual keyword rankings on the various search engines.
  • We have blurred the keywords to keep the client information discreet.

Client 3:

Client Who Specializes In Jewelry Made From Robin Island


  • The above screen shot is a visibility report, displaying the website visibility on the different search engines.
  • and have excellent visibility at over 95%


  • This screen shot shows how the client dominates their industry with First position ranking for all main keywords.

Client 4:

Client Who Provides Used, Second Hand, Preowned And New Compressors


  • 10 keywords are ranked in position 1 across 5 search engines
  • 12 keywords are ranked in the Top 3 positions also across 5 search engines
  • 15 keywords are ranked on the first page (Top 10 positions) across 5 search engines


  • Detailed keyword ranking on Yahoo and Google targeting relevant keywords
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