Hope You’re Hungry? Cos…

The Proof Is Always In The Pudding:

Below are some real client reports showcasing the actual keywords rankings on the specific search engines. Click to open and close.

  • The main search engine is highlighted with an orange border
  • If a keyword is in positions 1 to 10, then this keyword is featured on the first page of the search engine highlighted in orange.
  • Positions 11 to 20 means the keyword is on Page 2;
  • Positions 21 to 30 means the keyword is on Page 3 etc
You will also notice on the screen shots below:
  • ‘Thumbnail’ or ‘images’ – that keyword also features an image under the images section of Google
  • ‘Local Pack’ – that keyword also features on Google my Business near you.
  • ‘Reviews’ – that keyword also triggers a review
  • ‘Featured Snippet’ – that keyword also triggers a featured snippet, which means Google automatically chooses your website’s content to be displayed at the very top, as your website is seen as the most credible source of information for this keyword.



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